Kingdom of Sweden is a parliamentary constitutional monarchy, located in Northern Europe. The King is officially the head of state, but executive power is exercised by the prime-minister who also appoints the cabinet. The Rikstag is a single-chamber parliament, consisting of 349 seats. Norway ranks 39th largest economy in the world (by GDP PPP) and is 27th by GDP per capita. Sweden’s economy is highly integrated with the European Union, which buys 58% of Swedish goods. The EU is also Sweden’s key supplier of goods, accounting for 72% of total imports. Overall, as much as 80% of merchandise exports are directed to just four markets (European Union, Norway, United States and China). Total external trade volume is 42% of GDP. The central bank, Sveriges Riksbank (SRB), pursues an inflation-targeting approach to monetary policy and maintains a free floating exchange rate regime. Excessive household debt and ageing population are usually named among key weaknesses of Sweden’s economy.

Names and Codes
Country Name Sweden
Country code SWE
Currency Name Swedish krona
Currency Code SEK
Currency Symbol Skr
Subunit Skr1 = 100 ore
Key Pair USD/SEK
Forex Quote direct
Central Bank Name Sveriges Riksbank
Central Bank Abb. SRB
Economy and Trade
GDP (USD billion, 2017) 536
GDP per capita (USD, PPP, 2017) 50770
Real GDP growth (2013-17) 2.6
Inflation (2013-17) 0.5
FDI inflows (% GDP, 2013-17) 1.6
Current account balance (% GDP, 2013-17) 4.4
Trade (% GDP, 2014-16) 42.2
Share in world total exports (%, 2016) 0.87
Monetary Policy and Currency
Exchange rate regime Free floating
Monetary policy Inflation targeting
Price stability 2.00%
Real Interest Rate -2.50
Currency - global turnover (USD billion, 2016) 112
Currency - global share (%, 2016) 2.20
Key Pair - global turnover (USD billion, 2016) 66
Key Pair - global share (%, 2016) 1.30
Ranking - Economy
GDP per capita (USD, PPP, 2017)
Real GDP growth (2013-17)
Current account balance (% GDP, 2013-17)
Trade (% GDP, 2014-16)
Ranking - Currency and Monetary Policy
Currency - global turnover (USD billion, 2016)
Key Pair - global turnover (USD billion, 2016)
Real Interest Rate
Inflation (2013-17)
International Trade
Main Export (%, 2015)
Main Import (%, 2015)