Ranking: Inflation

  Tuesday, 3 December 2019, 10:59 am BST


Macroeconomic indicators can have a major effect on the country’s exchange rate. There are many indicators out there and some are more important than others. Economic indicators are classified according to how they relate to the business cycle. Those that reflect the current state of the economy are coincident; those that predict future conditions are leading; and those that confirm that a turning occurred are lagging.

For now, we only look at inflation and unemployment. These are two most important indicators because they are often included in central banks’ dual mandate (maximum employment + stable prices) and therefore have the strongest influence over changes in interest rate expectations.  

  • Inflation – an increase in the price of goods and services (measured in the consumer price index – CPI – percentage change, year-over-year).
  • Unemployment – percentage of labor force actively looking for work (measured as a percentage rate over one-month period). Currently, the unemployment data is not available for China and India. 

Please note that inflation and unemployment are subject to later revision.

The Primary Chart shows historical and the latest available indicators for 23 countries. You can select any number of countries you wish to compare, but only one out of two indicators: Inflation or Unemployment.

The Ranking Chart shows the latest results (for the selected countries and a selected indicator), starting from the highest indicator and ending with the lowest indicator.


  • the data is subject to later revisions;
  • in periods when the latest data is not available, monthly estimates are extrapolated from previous results and data.


  • AUS - Australia
  • BRA - Brazil
  • CAN - Canada
  • CHE - Switzerland
  • CHL - Chile
  • CHN - China
  • CZE - Czech Republic
  • EMU - European Monetary Union (Eurozone)
  • GBP - United Kingdom
  • HUN - Hungary
  • ISR - Israel
  • IND - India
  • JPN - Japan
  • KOR - South Korea
  • MEX - Mexico
  • NOR - Norway
  • NZL - New Zealand
  • POL - Poland
  • RUS - Russia
  • SWE - Sweden
  • TUR - Turkey
  • USA - United States
  • ZAF - South Africa

Data is reviewed and updated on a daily basis.